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      Shirak region is the historical and one of the most hospitable regions in Armenia. The region is in the northwestern part of Armenia bordering with Turkey in the west, and Georgia in the north. The regional city of Gyumri is the center of masterpieces of art and culture in Armenia. Shirak region is the only place where the ruins of Ani; a formal historical capital of Armenia can be seen in Turkey. The city is full of museums such as Museum of national architecture and urban life of Gyumri, Museum of Merkurov, Museum of Hovhannes Shirz, and Kumayri Historical District. Historical monuments include Vardanants, Mher Mkrtchyan, Mayr Hayastan and many others.  Beautiful historical churches in the region include Yot verq, St. Amenaprkich, Harich, Lmbatavanq, and Marmashen. The region also has wonderful nature with green valleys such as Ashotsk valley, and deep canyons such as Lenges canyon. Shirak marz is well known as a region of humor and is the homeland of the famous khash ( bouillion from bovine limbs). In addition, we suggest that you don’t leave Armenia without a real tasting from our best kitchen.  And enjoy the national songs and dances, customs and traditions, historical monuments and best architecture that will last in your memory for a long time. We will do our best to make your visit to Shirak marz the most interesting, enjoyable, and memorable.   Turism  
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